How to get started with atravo.

With atravo you can start selling your experiences & tours in minutes on your own terms.
Katrina Affleck
Co-founder & CEO
November 22, 2021

First head to and create your account!

Getting set up,

1.Create your experiences

2. Customize your website / Customize your widget

3. Set up payments

4. Configure your emails

5. Instal your Widget / Link to your webpage & go live.

Step 1 — Create your experiences

Easily add all the information about your experiences, details, location, scheduling and more you can even add customized pricing and extras if you do bespoke experiences.

Step 2 — Customize your website / Customize your widget

Add your logo, a photo and your details and voila! A perfect place to start selling your experiences in seconds.

If you already have a website then plug in our atravo widget all you have to do is customize your button to match your branding and you’re ready to go.

Step 3 — Set up payments

Use the atravo-payment-system to start taking payments from your customers.

Step 4 — Configure your emails

With atravo you can automatically send confirmation, reminder and post event emails to your customers, you can customize these easily and even add discount codes to help you get repeat bookings and drive more sales.

Step 5 — Instal your Widget / Link to your webpage & go live.

Installing your widget onto your site couldn’t be easier just copy and paste your auto generated code into your site and you can start bookings straight away.

Atravo supports most web services and no code platforms check out our in-depth guide to see how to add the atravo widget onto the one you’re using.

If you’re using the atravo website feature, start sharing it, on social media, on your business pages, with people who come on your tours making the most of repeat business without the paying commission to 3rd party marketplaces.

Need more help using atravo? Check out our atravo help page or book a time and an atravo account manager will call you!