Top tips to get more booking during and after your tour & experiences

Top tips to get more booking during and after your tour & experiences
Katrina Affleck
Co-founder & CEO
February 15, 2022

Up sell during your experience

Whether you earn bookings through marketplaces, in person, or on your website, you always have the opportunity to connect face to face when customers attend the experience. 

In this way, you can offer special discounts to those who have completed (and enjoyed) your service. A simple sign-up sheet can do the trick, or a voucher for future sessions, along with an invitation to join your online community.

Get to know your local tourism hubs and businesses

Though your customers may be international, your day-to-day community is local. Through getting to know the ecosystem around you, you can convert competitors into collaborators, and discover new client bases.

For example, a tour guide could collaborate with local galleries, adding value to both the tour experience and the artist’s business. Perhaps a surfing teacher could promote the hostel around the corner, in exchange for the hostel sharing class details and flyers with guests. All this, and more, will help customers bypass OTAs and reach you directly.

And as when you take bookings through atravo we don’t charge commissions you’ll see your direct bookings going up commissions coming down. 

Get some reviews 

Reviews reviews reviews. With more than 80% of travellers admitting that they check reviews before booking, the value of positive public feedback cannot be understated. Get in the habit of asking your customers to write reviews after their visit by sending a quick email. Positive comments on Google and social media build trust and encourage future customers to come directly to you, rather than opting for the marketplace route.

And remember to respond and engage with both positive and negative reviews so that incoming audiences know that you care and offer personalised services. 

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