Top tips to get more direct bookings for your experience & tour business (online)

Katrina Affleck
Co-founder & CEO
February 9, 2022

Want to drive more direct bookings, so here are some actionable tips, both offline and online, to help you avoid those sky-high commissions.

Get digital

The top of your to-do list should be to get online. Web development can often require funds and experience. Well, here’s the good news: you can get selling with atravo and have a booking site up and running in minutes. 

Make booking straightforward

This can be tricky on some web builders, as they’re rarely built for booking. However, with atravo (which is made for experience owners like you), you can add a booking widget to any page of your site. If you so choose, customers can customize their experiences and have 

Take payment for bookings online

If you’re using contact forms to take your bookings its team to make the switch your customers are now so used to buying everything online so you could be losing out on those bookings. In fact you should see an increase of upto 30% in bookings when you customers can book directly. Already have a website? You can use the atravo booking widget on your own website to increase those bookings. 

Think international

As a travel website, your customers will book and arrive from all over the world. Where possible, think about their needs: language preferences, currencies supported by the payment gateway, making allowances for time zone differences for time-sensitive bookings. All of this gives the customer confidence to buy on a site they may not know.

Create content to interest your target audience

When travellers visit your area, they will search for tips and info about the location. Using a blog on your website, provide valuable advice, ideas and inspiration for their holiday, so that they find your site organically. So-called ‘evergreen’ content can bring in customers all seasons, year after year, encouraging them to trust your brand and also book your services while in the area.

Get to grips with Google using SEO

Everyone has heard about the marketing power of SEO, but it’s not always clear what is the best way to use it to your advantage. So here’s a crash course: These days it’s easy to install an SEO plugin to your site to monitor how well you’re doing and make suggestions. The atravo platform, for example, is SEO-ready out of the box, so your site ranks well with little effort. Then keep auditing your site content and checking how you rank so that customers find your tours and activities easily. 

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