Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.


Do I have to pay any commission fees?

No. We do not take any additional commission beyond the credit card fee. We want you, the creator, to benefit from your passion and hard work.

Can I offer personalized tours?

Yes you can! Please check out our help center on how to use atravo to manage and sell bespoke tours.

Which countries does Atravo operate in?

Almost in any countries (more than 40). Check to see if your country is listed here

- Australia  Austria  Belgium  Brazil  Bulgaria Canada Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia  Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary India Ireland Italy Japan  Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg  Malaysia Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain  Sweden Switzerland United Arab Emirate  United Kingdom  United States

Which Languages can I use?

Any language of your choice! When you create your product, you can translate it to any language you want.

What kind of experiences can I sell?

You can sell any kind of experiences that you can imagine. Some of our current members are selling:

Wine, multiple days events, classes, tickets, customized tours and much more.

Who is Atravo for? 

Atravo is for anyone who takes a booking, and or reservations.     
Some examples of the type of people using Atravo.

-Tour Guides
-Food & Drink Activity Owners
-Multi-day Tours
-Sport Activity Owners
-Wellness Activities & Retreats
-Online Experience Owners

What happens if I run out of bookings?

Don’t worry you can still take bookings, you'll receive an email notifying you that you will need to update your subscription.

Can I change tiers depending on the season?

Yes! Atravo understands how important it is for experience companies to have flexibility when it comes to their booking systems. So we allow you to change tiers in low seasons.


Can I use my own website with Atravo?

Yes, We have a widget that you can plug easily on your website. And we can help you with the installation .

How much does the Atravo website cost?

All atravo websites are included as part of your monthly subscription, including our free tier.

Can I have a more customized Website?

Of course! Contact us, and our team can provide you with a fully personified website.


Which currencies do you support? 

All major currencies are supported e.g. EUR, USD, GBP, SEK.

Do you have a payment system?

We operate with our own atravo payment system, that allows you to take payments online easily in multiple currencies.

When will I be paid?

Payments are issued every business day Monday - Friday. Online payments received over the weekend will be deposited to you at the start of that following week.

Is there a credit card fee for taking bookings?

For each plan, the fee is slightly different, varying from 2.9% to 2.6%.


How much does it cost?

Our pricing model is super simple: Just a monthly (or annual) payment based on the number of bookings.
(There is  still a payment fee that will be taken out of each booking)

Do I need to provide my credit card to join?

Not at all, you start automatically with the free subscription.